Eavestrough, Fascia & Soffit


One frequent issue we see is a home with damaged or rotted soffits and fascia. By the time we see them, they are usually far gone and it is because it is easy for them to go unnoticed or unattended for quite some time. Nonetheless, soffit and fascia are important components of the roofing system and they need to be in good condition in order to prevent serious issues. To avoid the costs that further damage can incur, it is important to not ignore these areas so they can still be corrected while confined to a localized area. If the damage has spread, we have the tools and expertise to address the issue no matter how large or small.


Your Eavestroughes play a very important role in the protection of your home. They are placed in a way that conforms to the roof design so that water drains properly away from the home. Improper drainage can result in issues such as pooling around the foundation, leading to a leaky foundation, and pools of water in the landscaping. The water can also leak out of the Eavestroughes and along the walls. Leaf protect can be added to any gutter system to keep leaves and other debris out because a clogged gutter means water will not drain properly.

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